Podcast Multiverse Point To a Creator

John Tarr interviews our guest, Alan Tai, who is a both a scientist and Christian.

Alan wrote a book called A Physicist’s Perspective on God. 

He also wrote wrote a blog to go along with this podcast that can be found here on Alan’s Website.

He said The latest physics development of the theoretical and hypothetical multiverse is based on string theory, quantum mechanics or inflationary cosmology.

The observation and verification of the big bang theory point to our universe that has a beginning, which includes space and time.

Some physicists use the multiverse model and big bang theory to speculate that there may have different and multiple universes with different space and time above or beyond our current physical universe.

There are no conflicts with the Biblical record of eternity and the Creator of this universe.

It was interesting to get his point of view coming from a scientist and a Christian one at that.

Our conversation was fascinating to say the least.

Alan will be back with us again in the near future.


Podcast Multiverse Point To a Creator

Here is the video of the interview with Alan Tai.

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Podcast Multiverse Point To a Creator
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Podcast Multiverse Point To a Creator
Podcast Multiverse Point To a Creator. Interview with Alan Tai, who is both a scientist and a Christian. Our conversation was fascinating.
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