Jesus at Work in the 21st Century 

Our owner, Jennifer A Whitaker, is preparing for you a podcast series that will be live conversations between three ladies who know Jesus Christ and follow God the Father, the one true God of the universe, as their number one priority in life.

Above work, and family, these ladies follow what the Lord directs, even in cases like Ms. Whitaker’s where it involved her doing things she was not believed to be capable of doing but did as a result of a miracle God performed, which you can read about in various books which Jennifer A Whitaker wrote.

These books are on our website at 

You can find her talking about them on her podcast or videos of the same conversations at or on your favorite podcast app by looking up JAWs Coffee Chat and subscribing. 

Join us at a time that works for you to hear how God has and continues to work in the lives of the wife of the Pastor of Jesus Rescue International Ministry, which is another one of our series you will find.

Only this time, it is the wife, and one other woman who is strong in faith, along with, of course, Jennifer A Whitaker. God works. God is alive.

He can still raise the dead, bring them back to life.

Pascaline Nwokoma

Evangelist Elizabeth Bailey

God can still split the sea.

God can heal the sick, cure the wounded, give rest to the weary, comfort to the troubled and so much more.

The God almighty is at work.

If you are doubting this, then you even more so need to hear what these three ladies have to share about the same God of the universe working here, today and tomorrow. 

Crime is worse, deaths are higher and have even more causes now than before thanks to COVID-19, in addition to other diseases, obesity getting worse, affecting lots more lives, and so many other causes of death, struggle, and hard times. 

However, there is still hope. 

  1. What number do I can if I am ready to accept Christ or ask for a prayer by phone?

Jesus Rescues Intertanional 832-437-1096

  1. Where can I go to attend their worship service? When is worship service on Sunday? 

You can attend worship service at          6193 Hwy Blvd suite 201, 

Katy, TX 77494

Each Sunday from 10am to 12pm. 

You can also join The Hour Prayer with us on Wednesday nights at 7pm Central Standard Time on zoom at:

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 4242 4913

Passcode: 027231

  1. What if I want to join Jesus Rescue International Ministry but I am not local to Katy or Houston, TX?  

We currently do not have any online Bible study groups.  However, you can watch our sermons on YouTube at and be sure to subscribe to our channel to be notified each time we post another sermon episode.  

  1. What other events or groups are at the Women’s Testimonies in Christ Jesus’ Church (Jesus Rescue International Ministry)? Are any of them online, if I am not local to Houston or Katy, Texas? 

We typically have outreaches once a month. They are usually on the last Saturday of the month each month. We meet at the church at these and then we pray. After prayer we go around the local area giving away free food to the homeless and pray for each recipient.


Jesus at Work in the 21st Century 

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Jesus at Work in the 21st Century
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Jesus at Work in the 21st Century
We are preparing for you a podcast series that will be live conversations between three ladies who know Jesus Christ.
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