About Us

We are a team of professionals with various professional backgrounds that brings you a variety of services, books, art crafted shirts, cups and other goodies.

We also bring you various podcast series where everyday people like you join us for discussions related to the topics of our different podcast series. 

Our podcast series range from Christian faith based, Mental Health Awareness, Allergen free food and drink topics and more.

We present you with various tools and goodies that are done by everyday people for you, and others alike. We all help the world go round through working together.

That is what we are all about. Joining various people with different professions, yet joined interest in helping others like you.

Team work makes the dream work!


Thank you for reading about us and please inquire about being on our podcast, holding an autograph event or supporting our team in ways that work for you.

Be sure to check out our website to see what all we have going on or offer. We are constantly adding new content, books, and goodies weekly to monthly, depending on which type of item you are referencing. 

We welcome people of all kinds on this team to convert our differences into assets to listeners, fans, and supporters alike.

Our Team

Jennifer A Whitaker

Jennifer is an author with educational and business background with a MS in Accounting and BS in Accounting.

She is a leader recognized 6 times in the Top 3% of the Nation for various reasons.

At age 18, she was recognized as a National Scholar for scholarly writing most don’t have until they get their doctorate, if ever.

She continues to write and now leads JAW’s Coffee Chat Podcasts as well as cohosts every 3 Wednesday episodes of World of Ability’s Compassionate Citizens shows.

Jennifer A Whitaker also writes articles that you can read on our newsletter page which has supporting articles on the topics of her books and podcasts.

Kurt Roskopf

Kurt continually advocates for people with disabilities, showcasing abilities utilizing technology and relationships to make relevant connections locally and across the globe. 

He serves as Ambassador of not The Disability Channel and the renamed Adaptive Division of the Wisconsin Waterski Federation. 

He currently hosts/cohosts weekly podcasts including both “World of Ability” and “Compassionate Citizens” and began in 2016 with “AbilityMKE Now!” live on Riverwest Radio out of Milwaukee, WI. 

His deep dive into the world of advocacy amazingly began with water skiing more than 30 years ago. His leadership has included several local nonprofit Board positions and serving for two years as vice-chair of the Wisconsin Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities.

He has recently brought a global connection to Wisconsin as the first Wisconsin Host for the Happy Neighborhood Project.

Kurts website is The Disability Channel.

His email is: kurt@jennsbooksandmore.com

John Tarr

John was a professional photographer for many years of his life.

He has taught many family members and friends how to take high quality images with DSLR Nikons and now professional cell phone images and video.

He started a wedding photography business with these same people for many years.

John became disabled in 2008 from a hip replacement that became infected.

John then went back to college and studied for Graphic Arts degree which he received in 2011. In the process he learned how to make professional WordPress websites like you see here.

He uses all his Graphic Arts skills to make websites, printed and digital material stand out.

John is well versed in Adobe products such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere Pro for video design.

You can view a sample of my work in a website I designed to show my Graphic Design, Website Design and Photography skills here on John Tarr Portfolio

My email that you can contact me on: john@jennsbooksandmore.com

Emily Gollmer

Emily is a virtual assistant from Madison, WI.

She cohosts a couple weekly vodcasts/podcasts with Kurt Roskopf – AbilityMKE Now! and World of Ability.

She is Happy Neighborhood Project Cohost – HNP WI-MN. She is a part of the Mutual Aid Network. 

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