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As both an author and educator, Ms. Whitaker has designed a forum below that you can join to ask her questions you have personally related to topics in which she writes. Rather you have read a book by Jennifer A. Whitaker or not, she welcomes you to subscribe to be a member of her forums and join discussion in the one or more than are on the topic of your interest. As Ms. Whitaker writes more books, we create a forum for each, even before being released, where you can obtain information on the soon to be released, send questions that she could answer and include in the book, and access what others have asked with Ms Whitaker’s answer. When it comes to Ms. Whitaker’s writing, and your education, you are more than a number, you are an important fan and inspiration for her to continue to write books to educate the world. 

Click here to start asking Ms Whitaker your questions now!

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