“Encouraging, uplifting, and heartbreaking, any teen could relate”- Current Readers are saying

Collection of Poetry based on daily experiences AS a TEEN written BY a TEEN. Stories in poetry form of Fighting TEMPTATIONS, Surviving the Troubles of peer pressure and remaining clean of the common challenges faced by teens everyday. Encouraging poems for teen to remain clean of drugs, crime, smoking and “being cool.”

“An unbelieveably amazing guide making it seem amazingly easy to communicate with autistics”

Constant frustrastration, depression and rages, as usual, thought to be bipolar, until the turning point in her life when the mystery was solved. By reading Dealing with Autism you we see just how easy it is to over come the true opsticles that are a part of autism, and learn the right way to over come all those obsticles.

“An inspiring and amazing story of her survival”- Current Readers are saying

In a seven day comma, a forty-five minute seizure, “we knew she was dead”; Story of the blessings of GOD that lead her to SURVIVE the IMpossible. If you doubt God, or just want reassurance you are on the right path, you will want to read “How Do I Know God Is Real?” By Jennifer A Whitaker.

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