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Welcome to our inspiring, educational and entertaining home of multiple books and podcast by Jennifer A Whitaker, an inspiring author who has been through many difficulties, with a three page long list of disabilities, yet a leader in her field.

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Here, you will find podcasts she leads, and hosts, books she has written, and professional services that involve Ms. Jennifer A Whitaker, and/or other staff.

You will also find opportunities to be on her podcast, feature her at your place of business and so much more.

Check the menus at the top of the page for her podcast, JAW’s Coffee Chat, along with ways to be featured, listen to them, or share them.

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Here you will find different books written by Ms. Jennifer A Whitaker, or ones that she aided others in writing, editing and publishing. 

She is your resource for books that are about public awareness related to her professional background areas, disabilities, Christian based and some fiction books.

She also has books that are collections of poetry.

Click the image to find these books in printed and audiobook form.

To find out more about her helping you in anyway related to books, go to our professional services tab at the top of this page.

Otherwise, go to the bookstore tab to see all her books, or the (name of my blog) tab to see other content she has written where you can also respond. 


JAW's Coffee Chat - Podcast

Come hear what we have to say on JAW’s Coffee Chat podcast, and videos.

Here we interview different professionals, artist, business owners and so much more to bring you valued information, and entertainment.

We interview asking questions to seek information that you want to hear from different everyday people that are of benefit to you, or others who are listening or watching our videos.

We are always looking for more people to be on our podcast series and people to listen to and support us in different ways.

Click on the image or go to the top of the page to find our podcasts and videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to be on a podcast?

First Schedule with us for a consultation about your interest and goal with the podcast by going to After meeting, we will decide if you are a good match. If we decide to proceed, we will send you a contract as our podcasts are not a one time, but instead are series about the guest speaker and what they do or have to offer.


Where can I find the podcast on social media? 

Linkedin @ JAWsCoffeeChat, Twitter @, YouTube “JAW’s Coffee Chat”, Facebook @ JAWsCoffeeChat

Where can I find videos to watch?

Go to videos for the same episodes as videos instead of podcasts.

Does it cost anything to be on the podcast/video?

Yes, but first schedule with us to see if you are fit. If we approve you to be on our show, we will send you a contract with the rates and other information involved. Rates may change due to inflation and other reasons over time, so we will give you those details in the contract with the up to date rates at the time. However, rates can change so if you wait before signing the contract, returning it to us at (virtual assistant’s email) and starting.

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