A Physicists Perspective on God

On April 3, 2023, John Tarr interviewed Alan Tai, a scientist and a Cristian on Jaws Christ Talk podcast on Books and More by Jennifer A. Whitaker.

Alan will be my guest on the first Monday of every month at 2:00 pm Arizona time.

Alan has written a book called A PHYSICIST’S PERSPECTIVE on GOD. We talked bout the book.

In this podcast, we covered many topics like: is there a conflict between science and faith, evolution, where did math come from, The Big Bang, and a number of other topics that many people have on how the universe works.

The interview was very interesting and enlightening to say the least and one hour was really not enough time but we will have Alan on again once a month.

After you listen to our conversation, you can find Alan’s book on Amazon.

Alans Website Science and Life

I invite you to come listen our podcast every Monday or you can find it on our YouTube channel from the connection on our website podcast page.


A Physicists Perspective on God

Here is the video of the interview with Alan Tai.

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A Physicist’s Perspective on God
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A Physicist’s Perspective on God
Jaw's Christ Talk. April 3,2023. This podcast with Alan Tai a scientist and a Christian. We talked about his background and a important question: Is science and faith compatible?
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